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Horses have no hidden agendas and they don't have time for it. They are the masters at teaching us how to be authentic with ourselves and others. Their energy essence is authentic and we can't help but match their energy when we are in their presence.


Horses don't care what is in your bank account, what you look like, or if you have made mistakes in the past. They are angelic beings that want to stand with you in the present moment to remind you of who you really are. They teach us about being accepted.


Horses are the definition of love and love energy. Heart to heart they stand with us to show us the way to love ourselves and love others. There is so much a horse can teach us about letting go, forgiveness, and to live in the present. They embody unconditional love.


Welcome to Full Stride Leadership! Take a journey of self-discovery through a powerful experience with horses. Our work begins with a foundation of understanding both nonverbal and verbal personal development skills. Insight from your horse provides signals you can use to connect with the most important person of your life, you.

We believe that everyone has their own inner greatness and once that is tapped into Your Full Stride journey begins.

- Sarah Patnode, Owner/Coach

Human says, “Carry me into the wind.  Take me to the places where I can glide close to high tree branches…Your heart will remind me to seek what I have lost.  Your spirit will listen to the voices I do not hear.  You are a Horse.  I will care for you.  Together, we will journey…Horse knickers softly.  He places his head on Human’s shoulder, his long neck encircling her short one.  He smells the familiar fragrance of her hair as his chest presses against her heart.  Horse accepts the deal.”

– Excerpt Angel Horses – Divine Messengers of Hope by Allen & Linda Anderson.

Sarah Patnode

If you have found this page and my information chances are you are drawn to horses like I am. Since childhood, I have been captivated by these amazing creatures and find peace just being with them. They have a unique ability to heal and teach us if we only have the ear to listen. Theirs is a quiet voice, a mix of non-verbals and energy. 

I have been trained on how to interpret their signals and how to ask questions to bring forth answers through equine coaching. As a student of this process, there have never been more powerful, memorable, or life changing moments than there has been with horses. 

I personally have been walked back into the light by these magnificent teachers. The work with horses is my passion and my life's work. My desire to afford others the ability to experience themselves to the eyes of a horse in an authentic, accepted, and loving way. 

I rely on my horse friends to teach me how to be the best version of myself and it is through those lessons that I get to help others do the same. 

Join me and together we will not just stride but we will go Full Stride Ahead!

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