How to Effectively Handle Internet Trolls

social media Nov 16, 2021

Let's face it...not everyone is going to like what you are saying online. Social media has provided a platform for people to say anything they want whenever they want to. Especially during a pandemic time when safety is a big concern. The mask...whether to wear it or not wear it has become a hot spot debate. Here are some tips on how to handle internet trolls on your social media sites no matter what your topic is. 

I recommend using the BIFF model to respond to hostile comments. 

B - Brief - keep it short and to the point

I - Informative - give straight information (it's not about you) 

F - Friendly - greet and close the comment in a friendly way

F - Firm - end the comment, avoid keeping the door open to any more comments

The BIFF framework can help bring an angry or heated exchange to a conclusion and without losing it yourself. There is no need to debate, prove a point, or carry on when a troll makes a comment. The negative comments are a reflection of the troll, not your business. 

For more not the BIFF framework


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